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We are supplying, Installation, and Maintenance of CCTVs and surveillance systems for homes, offices and government provides physical security, remote monitoring, intrusion detection and all-round protection to meet the security concerns for people, assets and systems.

Alarm verification, deterrent, and surveillance applications are the most popular reasons for installing CCTV Cameras in a security application. Save-tech solution CCTV offers direct ways to save a facility money. In terms of deterring internal loss, and reducing guard costs by allowing a centralized guard to tour using CCTV while another roams the grounds to show a presence.



Save-tech solutions installs reliable and advanced wireless and conventional technologies for the security of homes and offices, integrating them, upon request, with electronic detection and automation systems compatible with the solution. Save-tech solutions designs various projects intended to satisfy all sorts of requirements and to be compatible with all sorts of solutions of different scales and designs depending on the operating scenario provided by the customer and the risk analysis carried out by our engineers, and makes Ghana deliveries with an optimum equipment configuration.



Save-tech solution designs intercom systems with/without video for the entrance security of homes and offices and offers a wide range of products in this field from small home systems to large systems for residential estates such as condominiums according to the operating scenario provided by the customer and the risk analysis carried out by our engineers with an optimum equipment configuration. Intercom systems with or without image transmission are installed in the most suitable places to ensure entrance security. They can be used as stand-alone or networked depending on the number of users and of entrances to be managed. Depending on the existing wirings of the building or by the request from the customer analog or digital intercom systems can be installed. Depending on installed configurations, the system permits host-visitor communication or communication between occupants of the same building or communication between a caretaker and visitors. In residential estates and condominiums, the system permits communication between the occupants of apartments and the security staff and visitors. Designs are normally carried out according to the chosen option and the budget of the customer.



Network infrastructure solution provided by Save-tech solutions consists of market leader product and services offering for all size of organizations. Thus, providing clients improved communications and insight resulting in significant operational cost saving. IT infrastructure solutions cover the full extent of enterprise network convergence, including:

  • Structured Voice & Data Cabling
  • Networking Devices Integration
  • Routing & Switching
  • Wireless Network
  • Security Surveillance
  • Stateful Firewall Solution

The scale of the solutions engulfs all the pieces of the networks ranging from data link devices providing complete solution, security solution and outdoor wireless bridges.



Security has become essential to our environment due to the recent happenings in Ghana. One of the measures that can be employed to protect lives, properties and investments is the use of electric security fence. Embracing the use of electric security fence can guard against the rampant occurrence of theft, it can also deter intruders from any unacceptable activity. Electric fencing will give you the peace you need knowing that you will be alerted should any unauthorized person come into contact with your property. With this security system you can set an emergency contact which will be alerted anytime there is a security breach. Sounds cool right? When comparing this electric security system to other intrusion deterrents, electric security fences are much safer to protect lives and property compared to other security alternatives.

Electric fence delivers a pain inducing shock that can have its voltage adjusted up or down. Electric fence are also cost effective compared to other security systems, they are also durable and long lasting and it is also easy to implement.

Safety tips:

  • Do not power your electric fence on gates
  • Do not use more than one energizer for a fence
  • Put up Warning Signs at intervals of no more than 10 meters on any electric fence installed along a public path or highway, or at any other point where people may encounter the fence. 


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Having an automated gate in Ghana is not just a luxury, but an essential security feature for home. Most robbers now wait patiently for people to open their gates and then follow them in. Or they attack you when you park for a longtime waiting for someone to come open your gate for you. The worse thing is getting out of your car to open your gate. Why not use an automated gate to stay safe.  Save-tech solution has professional installers that will do a good job in installing an electric gate for you! Many clients will attest to our work and the best part is that we are moderate. Contact us now for a free quotation on Gate Automation!  Since every gate is different, we conduct a survey and recommend the best motor that can handle your gate for you. From D5, D10 to D10 Turbo you’re sure to get what fits your needs. Two remote controls are provided. Our motors comes with back battery so your automated gate works even when there are light outs.



Most homeowners will experience times when they need electrical work completion in their residential property. This is often for smaller jobs which don’t require a schedule of works in place before the project can begin. Save-tech solution offer a range of repairs, install and replacements for general electrics in your home. As well as our expertise in larger services such as rewiring, LED lighting and consumer units. We are also available for any odd electrical jobs you have for completion around your property. This includes help with lights, plugs and anything else you require assistance with. Perhaps you want a new light fitting installed or maybe you need a plug socket replaced because it no longer works. You may also have some concerns about an issue such as a switch which no longer turns on and would like an expert eye to take a look. Whatever the problem, for any jobs which need the expert help of a trained electrician, get in touch with our team.

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